How many leaves do I need for which application?

As a rule of thumb: To gel half a liter of liquid you need 6 leaves of gelatin. For cream dishes that are prepared with egg yolk, 4 leaves of gelatin are sufficient. If the dishes are to be turned out of the mold later, it is always better to use 2 additional gelatin leaves.

Is gelatin soluble in alcohol?

Gelatin is not soluble in pure alcohol. However, if enough water is present, gelatin also dissolves in alcoholic beverages. However, in solutions with an alcohol content of more than 15%, clouding may result.

What is gelatin made of?

Leaf gelatin consists of about 84% to 90% protein. In addition, it contains one to two percent mineral salts. The rest is water.

Why won’t my fruit mousse set?

If pineapple, papaya, mango or kiwi are included in the mousse, this leads to a degradation of the gelatin, because these fruits contain a proteolytic enzyme, which causes an almost total loss of gelling strength. However, it is still possible to make a gelatin dessert with these fruits, but only if they are briefly steamed or doused with hot water, since heat prevents the enzymes from becoming active.

Why does my jelly turn out too soft?

This often happens when the dissolved gelatin was heated too long and too intensively. At high temperatures in acidic solutions with a low pH value in particular, a degradation of the gelatin occurs, consequently leading to a loss in gelling strength.

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