GELITA® PRO Leaf Gelatin
GELITA® PRO Leaf Gelatin

Simply perfect

GELITA® PRO Leaf Gelatin

Inspire guests and customers with tempting delicacies and unique textures. GELITA® PRO Leaf Gelatin is the perfect ingredient that allows you, as a professional, to conjure up high-quality dishes and desserts as quickly and easily as never before, again and again!

What exactly is Leaf Gelatin?

Gelatin is a clear, colorless, tasteless ingredient derived from native collagen. It is a pure protein and can thicken, gel and transform liquids into a solid mass. Since it is completely odorless and tasteless, it can be used in both desserts and savory dishes. In this sheet form, gelatin is particularly versatile and practical in its application. And for special requirements of cultural and religious consumers, GELITA® Leaf Gelatin is also available in Kosher and Halal variants.

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Why Leaf Gelatin?

Leaf gelatin is a special form of edible gelatin. It is produced by first creating a thin film from liquid gelatin solution, which is then carefully dried and cut into rectangular sheets. These are particularly easy to portion. No weighing or measuring is required. All you have to do is count out the number of sheets you need. As a rule of thumb: For 500 ml liquid you need 6 leaves of gelatin.

Did you know?

You want to know how to avoid lumps? Or if you can freeze your pudding? Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about leaf gelatin.

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