Easy to use

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Easy to use​

GELITA® PRO Leaf Gelatin is easy to portion. No weighing or measuring is necessary. Just count the required amount of leaves, then soak, squeeze, dissolve the gelatin leafs. It´s the perfect ingredient for preparation in advance.

100 % natural​

GELITA® PRO Leaf Gelatin is a purely natural product, obtained from collagen. We also offer kosher and halal variants. It is a highly digestible, non-allergenic food and doesn´t contain any preservatives or additives.

Perfect results​

GELITA® PRO Leaf Gelatin is easy to scale up and provides reliable, consistent and predictable results. It is available in various grades differing in leaf weight. Each leaf offers the same gelling power.

Perfect texture and taste​

GELITA® PRO Leaf Gelatin is neutral in odor and taste. It creates perfect textures, provides one-of-a-kind mouthfeel and enhances flavor release.

A versatile solution​

GELITA® PRO Leaf Gelatin is the perfect gelling agent for all courses, from appetizers to desserts.

Healthy protein​

GELITA® PRO Leaf Gelatin consists of 84-90% pure protein. It contains no fat, carbohydrates or cholesterol.
GELITA PRO Leaf Gelatin - benefits - Brenneis
GELITA PRO Leaf Gelatin - benefits - Brenneis Schwarzwaelder Kirschtorte
GELITA PRO Leaf Gelatin - benefits - Brenneis

Recommended by confectioners

Siegfried Brenneis about GELITA® Leaf Gelatin

Siegfried Brenneis has won countless prizes with his baked goods and cakes – including six gold medals for his Black Forest gateau. To achieve this, the master baker and confectioner, who was appointed captain of the German Bakers’ National Team in 2010, uses leaf gelatin from GELITA. Who better to explain how to use leaf gelatin correctly?

Mr. Brenneis, what do you most like to conjure up with leaf gelatin?
“Black Forest gateau, because it combines the taste of cherries, dark chocolate dough, and cream flavored with cherry brandy. I find that interesting. I use leaf gelatin from GELITA, as it is the perfect solution to stiffen the cream, and I know I can rely on the quality and the result. One worry less in making this complex creation.”

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